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Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense

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Witchfinder 3? Sep. 13th, 2009 @ 02:54 pm
Does anyone know what's up with Witchfinder #3? It was supposed to come out on 2 September, but the Dark Horse page says it's currently unavailable. I thought maybe they pushed the release date back, but I can't even find it on TFAW as a pre-order.

Ideas? Anyone heard anything?

The Wild Hunt Sep. 12th, 2009 @ 07:05 pm
So, I was wondering... did anyone read The Wild Hunt #6 yet? Any thoughts? Speculations?

This will probably be a spoilerish discussion, so any spoilers should be labeled.

Sep. 5th, 2009 @ 11:02 am
Hellboy, BPRD, and Abe Sapien: the Drowning together won five Eisner Awards this year.

Comics' Oscars Recognize Superheroes, Hellboys, and Deja Vu

couple of questions Jul. 30th, 2009 @ 10:44 pm
These might be completely idle and speculative questions, but I thought I'd see whether people with a deeper knowledge of the comics / rest of the franchise / mythology might have some insight.

- Hellboy was fully adult when he joined the BPRD in 1952, eight years after he came to earth. In "Pancakes", at the age of two, he appears to be a child of 6 or 8 years, and not too much bigger than he looked when he appeared on earth. Does anybody know / have a theory on how he grew in the years between? Like, did he go through all of adolescence in one year, and how old (earth years) might he have been at that point?

-I think I remember reading that Hellboy's father (biological) was a marquis of hell, but I can't remember where. I just re-read "The Chained Coffin" and saw that he referred to himself as "God of Babylon". I said to myself, "oh, he's Baal!", and then I realized that I am hopelessly ignorant on Babylonian mythology, and Baal is a general term that could refer to any local spirit. I guess my question is, has there been any more precise information given as to the status/identity of Hellboy's father? And for a more focused but much more idle speculation, given the general representation of Baal(s) in Christian mythology, the goat-like appearance, the way he sweet-talks Hellboy's mother... could it be said that Hellboy is descended from a fertility god? 0.0``` (Not to hopelessly conflate comic-verse with movie-verse, but wouldn't THAT explain why Liz got pregnant -- hah)

BPRD: A Hellboy RPG (With permission from Rye) Jul. 22nd, 2009 @ 11:15 pm
Thank you again Rye. I am advertising my Hellboy RPG that's been going strong for a year, July 10th was our anniversary. We are in the middle of a activity check that ends on Monday but we are already in need of some canon and of course we love originals.

Ad behind cutCollapse )
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» For people who haven't seen this before
The person who did the character concept designs for the Hellboy Animated movies has a gallery on DeviantArt. He has just a few pieces up there, but it's worth checking out to see how his concepts of Hellboy and Abe compare with their eventual appearances (his version of Hellboy has freckles! And eyebrows.)

See it here

(x-posted to hellishness)
» question about Roger
I dunno why this suddenly became a burning question in my mind, but...

Does Roger eat and drink? I remember him being pictured as holding a glass of wine in BPRD: Spirit of Venice, but I don't remember whether it appeared he was actually drinking it or not.
Does he maybe... I don't know, hook up to the power grid and get a recharge once in a while? Has he ever been shown to be bleeding? I guess I have been wondering just how human his clay body really is.
» Be advised
This community isn't for spamming your eBay links. If you're selling comics, go elsewhere.. or you will be banned. Sorry I can't moderate on a case by case basis, it's just too large for that.

» BPRD 1946?
Anybody read it? Any reviews? I've heard from once source that it's good.
» A war for Bethmoora- Hell Boy rpg

The Golden Army. 4900 soldiers created for the King Balor , Elv´s King, had become a legend after the last war that decimated the humans in the war for the supremacy on the earth. The battle end with the peace between the Mythical world and the humans. The son of the King, Prince Nuada didn't trust in the humans
promise and self-imposed his exile and of the left that the Golden Army became a legend.

Centuries after , in the modern times many things are changed , something that before was now hid in the dark and what before was in the dark is coming to the light....

Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, known as B.P.R.D. discover a paranormal activity that cause the death of innocent people during a conference, the strange...is that what had killed, isn't of their world or at least, is the begin of a world that pretend to come back...

The government of USA is financing a secret cooperation which mission is to study the paranormal thing, there face those amazing cases that have never been seen and that can be a threat for the Earth. The cooperation in which  is living between impassable walls, Hellboy. Found in the 1944 by  Professor Trevor Bruttenholm when the creature was till a ''baby'' . He was one of these special beings who was raised by the Americans in bases of the army where it received education and training. With him his adoptive father was always next to him , later he joined later the Unit of Defense and Paranormal Investigation ( B.P.R.D). there, he works with Abraham "abe" Sapien and the pirotecnic Elizabeth "liz" Sherman, This powerful trio fight against any threat that makes to be in danger the humans but all of them forced to hide in the obscurity for not be like who they protect....
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